SUTEI, S.L. is a trading company of all types of thermal and electrical insulation with a widw range of products such as silicones, plastics and polyurethanes applied to a widw range of possibilities as printed circuit boards, processors, sopports resiistance and so on too a variety product.

Created in February 1990, we has benn growing every day in dhe commercial market while still indifferent to any of our clients with a fast, efficient and high quality.

Located in the suburb of Pinto, Madrid, we have a large warehouse with machinery to adapt to any type of supply cutting and machining the material as required by the customer or by delivery without modification.

Our dedication a work is carried out under an atmosphere of confidence and commitment, without leaving the client in a mere word strict term relationship. From SUTEI, S.L. encourage them to know us and feel free to ask any questions about our products, services or any other topic pou worry about.